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How to Flirt With Women

How to Flirt With Women

There is no good reason to feel nervous or uncomfortable flirting with women. In fact, flirting with women can and should be one of the funniest parts of your day, everyday. Unfortunately, most men can't flirt worth a damn, and have a hard time knowing how to act around women they are attracted to. While most guys know that they should flirt, and that women would like them better if they flirted, they just don't even know where to begin.

But don't worry, flirting is a learnable skill that you can master in a short period of time. To get you started, I've written up a brief explanation of what flirting is, and given you four easy ways to get start flirting with chicks immediately!
So, what is flirting?

Flirting is simply "sexual-communication." It's a universal mating ritual that people engage in to let prospective sex partners know you are attracted to them in a way that is, in and of itself, attractive.
Pretty straight forward eh? Okay now here are 4 easy ways to get your flirt on:

1) Give a girl some extra attention

Slowing down to focus your attention on a girl you meet a flirty thing to do. Most people are so busy these days that we rarely go out of our way to be friendly and make unnecessary small talk unless we have an ulterior motive. So if you go the extra mile to chit chat with a chick she'll usually assume you like her.

2) Tease her

Teasing a woman is one of the most powerful ways to flirt and create attraction. Instead of talking to her like all the boring people she sees everyday, play around with her, and try to bring out her sassy side. Just make sure to keep the teasing good-natured and playful, don't ever say something that could hurt her feelings.

3) Physically touch her

Don't jump the gun here of course! But, after you've been talking to a girl you are interested in for a few minutes don't hesitate to start touching her in a casual, non- threatening way. This one depends a lot on the circumstances you are in, obviously at a crowded club it would be much more appropriate to touch her right away, put your hand on her waist, whisper in her ear etc... than if you meet her in line a the bank.

4) Use sexy eye contact

One of the best tools in your flirting arsenal is sexy eye contact. Here's what you do... Go out find a girl you like, catch her gaze, and see what happens. If she looks back at you, maintains eye contact and smiles, then guess what, she likes you! I've done this with hundreds of women and it's a really easy way to get the ball rolling with a total stranger!

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4 Dating Tips for Alpha Males

4 Dating Tips for Alpha Males

Women are naturally and powerfully attracted to men who act like REAL MEN or "alpha-males", and don't display the wussy behaviours of "beta-males." So, if you are looking to succeed with women and dating, ask yourself: Am I a real alpha man who can consistently pull hot babes, or am I still making these awful beta-male mistakes?

When I was a younger man, I made one mistake after another when I was trying to meet and date girls. For the life of me I could not figure out what the heck girls wanted from me... Did they want me to be a "nice-guy" who brings flowers and took them out for dinner dates or did they want me to be a brooding alpha-male "bad-boy?"

Well, after years of seeking the truth, I've finally discovered exactly what you SHOULDN'T do, if you want to be popular with chicks... These things are proven to result in you not getting any:

1) Don't let her run the show. This mistake will make a woman lose interest in you fast! No girl you want to date wants to be in charge of what you do when you hang out, what you talk about, or whether you get physical. It's the man's role to take the lead, so be a man and take it.

2) Don't follow her around like a lost puppy. Women like it when you give them attention, but don't overdo it. Calling multiple times a day, showing up to see her unannounced, and staring at her lovingly every time you see her is going to make you look like a desperate weirdo. Alpha-males have there own stuff going on and don't smother women with constant company.

3) Don't buy her gifts or fancy dinners. Spending money on a girl is a sure way to show her that you don't get it. Yeah you can buy her a beer or two, or even pick up the tab for some grub, but don't pop any Veuve, at least until your first anniversary.

4) Don't ask to be her boyfriend. Rushing into a relationship is a really bad idea. I know you might think you are in love or whatever, but you've got to tread lightly here. Letting a woman know that you want to be exclusive, puts her in the power position. Just wait, until she brings it up, and then play with her a little bit. If you say you need to think about it and tease her a little first it will be all the more exciting for her when you finally agree to be her boyfriend (If that's what you are looking for.)

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French Kissing...the forgotten art

French Kissing...the forgotten art

There are many methods to express our affection towards the lady in our life and something of the best included in this would be to offer her a detailed, passionate along with a loving kiss! Kissing is an art despite the fact that it doesn't take a good deal to understand it, still there are some simple and important things to know, so that you can successfully kiss your girl and provide her (and yourself too!) a sensational experience ! There are lots of kissing strategies, positions and number of kisses, but the crux of this article is to let you know, how you can French kiss a woman. French kiss can also be called 'Soul kiss', as the breath of the two lovers, which is supposed to bring life towards the soul, passes through their mouth, while they are gently and closely diving in the depth from the French kiss. How to French kiss a woman?

In order to learn French kissing, then remember , there isn't any right way or perhaps a wrong way to French kiss a woman. The technique is undoubtedly a key factor, but in addition to that, it is the desire and emotion you're purchasing it. Try to remember Young ladies ! A kiss is a kiss, and if you attempt to manoeuvre further and anticipate more (I guess, you read between your lines!) then it is highly probable, the girl will push you back and you'll lose a golden opportunity , or might be should you really enthral her with a nice kiss, you might get the further more signal (Lucky you!). All of this can happen, if you are trying a French kiss on your first date (How stupid!) or might be on second or even the third date. So, understand the situation and then proceed!

A few of the French kissing tips are pointed out below . The particular kissing strategies and suggestions will help you create a good everlasting memory of your French kiss and she or he will keep telling her friends about the experience for a lot of weeks!

Ladies, sadly, but I have to discuss this! It does not try taking some rocket science knowledge to comprehend the fact that a neat and imposing personality is a necessary prerequisite, when you are thinking to approach your girl for a kiss and especially the French kiss! In the event you don' t brush your teeth often and never make use of a perfume, your girlfriend will certainly try to escape even before you approach her in the intimate zone! The concept would be to look respectable and attractive , so don't exaggerate anything and get a make over. Just make it simple! Carry mouth fresheners like mint that may give a good aroma for your mouth. Several females prefer chewing gum. Well, not a bad idea, but the issue is chewing gum causes a lot more saliva production in your mouth as well as for a French kiss, it's not great, if you are full of saliva! Avoid gum and have good quality mouth fresheners. Stay clear of spicy foods or even food stuff with intense smell of garlic, onion, dairy, coffee and tea. We all know, exactly how our mouth smells after having them (yuck!), so better avoid it. If you are a smoker, then do be mindful you don't smoke just before the kiss and ruin everything . You have to decide you want a French kiss or perhaps puff a cigar ? Look smart and adorable !

Surprise and unwanted French kiss is not a very bright idea, unless you have several amazing understanding levels . As well as if you do have, just conveying your desires to your lover can seem really sweet and pleasant to her ! Besides this , if you're just a newbie inside your relationship, then attempt to read her body language. Is she inching closer to you while you are sitting together with her? In the event she bites the woman's lips , smiles often and that too a great deal, touches your arms and face often and plays with her hair! Ladies! These are all signals! I understand you can't be a
specialist in reading body language, consider she's your girlfriend friend, I guess her eyes will automatically convey you the woman's feelings . And last although not minimal, if you're this type of nerd that you simply cannot read the woman's feelings (duh!), basically ask her to test a French kiss! Who knows, if she has been awaiting a long time! When you seek her permission it will likewise send the message that you simply care for her thoughts, feelings and priorities in her life. Male chivalry by no means will go to waste ! Surprise French kiss is a great option for those who are extremely intimate within their relationship and can manage it anytime!

When you both are ready for the French kiss, make sure that you choose an environment that does not disturb you too much and also you both are comfortable with it. Be confident ! Don't get nervous or intense ! Confident way to have that romantic allure and passion in your face. Nervousness will let you bump your heads into each other and cause uneasiness as you both hold one another. On the other hand , you shouldn't be a neurotic and erupt like a volcano. Show patience and keep the emotions suppressed, so that the procedure for kissing lasts longer as well as worsens as time passes.

Ladies! Patience is the key!
 Both of you are close, feeling each others breath ! In the event that your woman tilts her head in a direction, then you'll obviously tilt your face in a direction opposite to her. You are receiving closer now and lips are simply about to touch! Hang on there. Consider her eyes, so close and also so gorgeous ! Don't say anything, let words be non-existent for sometimes . Diving deep in to her eyes , gradually shut them ! The reason behind closing the eyes is the fact that firstly, it will help you have the pleasure associated with kissing more intimately . Secondly, taking a look at two crossed eyes, so close can be a bit distracting for many Ladies. Just close them and become prepared to take all of the sensations away with you.

Start with a light kiss on her behalf lips with your mouth closed. Gently rub your lips on her lips and keep kissing slowly and gradually , gently and intimately! Don't be too soft or way too hard, be a man and keep it a bit hard (she should feel being kissed, after all!). Remember not to begin with your tongue quickly and spoil the actual act . Have patience and revel in brushing your lips on her lips smoothly.

You know what, she loved the touch of your smooth rubbing of the lips. Great! At this point open your own lips somewhat and cover her lips slightly! Bear in mind Ladies, open it slightly and not to full extent!

It might be imperative to hold her with your hands, as the concentration of the kiss is increasing and you just need to provide her a support so that she can forget everything and dive with you in the French kiss. Where to keep both hands while French kissing would be to put your left hand on her hips and right hands on the region between waist and underarm . Once she is in your arms, be a player and increase the intensity of the kiss. In the event that she begins kissing harder, you may also give her back. She will hold you by your shoulders or perhaps will put her hands who are around you, don't mind that (why can you!) and stick to her and enjoy the French kiss. She may touch that person or have fun with hair, well, I don't think anybody of you would mind that!

As you are getting closer and the intensity of the kiss is slowly and gradually increasing , It's time to transition to some serious French kissing! Since she too is enjoying the French kiss, open your mouth wider and lightly put your tongue inside her mouth . This is actually the essence from the French kiss, the tongue plays a crucial role in French kisses. Tongues are very sensitive and touching her tongue will give you some real sensation. Gradually and gently, roll your tongue over her tongue as well as smoothly keep touching it . After some time, she'll start exactly the same process on you (wow!). Switch your own tongue in circular movement over her tongue and maintain flicking her tongue . You will feel the depth of the kissing! When you both are just reaching heights of the French kiss, you can even try out sucking your partner's tongues or lightly bite her tongue ! These kind of modest gestures can be quite passionate and may increase the depth of your French kiss.

Among the popular errors while French kissing is the fact that people don't think of breathing. This type of close and passionate kiss needs you to definitely breather timely. So, be certain that you're not necessarily holding back air and maintain breathing through your nose! The mouth area will be busy in kissing!

Last but not the least, once you both are done, just thank her for the beautiful experience and don't forget to complement 'Honey! You had been awesome!' Be sincere and frank with your thoughts. Even she will love to share her experience, so that the next time you both can enhance the French kiss. French kiss can also improve your kissing confidence and assist you to enhance your love life! They were a few of the tips on how to French kiss a woman. So, whenever you meet your girlfriend the next time, at this point you know what to give her and get her for in exchange! All the best!

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Moving in for the kiss.......Part 2

Moving in for the kiss.......Part 2

 Once you think the time is right, make your approach and move in for the kiss. Always make sure the girl is paying attention when you move in because surprising her will freak her out. She wouldn't have time to enjoy the kiss because she isn't expecting it. This is the final few seconds of anticipation, when your eyes are locked and nothing is being said. She will get excited and enjoy the kiss a lot more than if a kiss is taken from her.

Your approach must be slow and smooth. Smile and take this chance while you are close to enjoy her smell. Don't go directly for the lips, take a detour and hover her face while gently skimming your lips along her cheeks and then slowly move toward her mouth. Pull back and look into her eyes again. While moving in be sure to close your eyes the moment before your lips touch. Wandering eyes while moving in closer will leave her thinking you are examining her imperfections and keeping your eyes open during a kiss will freak her out. There have been a few times when I caught a woman with her eyes open and let me tell you, there is nothing weirder. I'm sure that women find it even more bizarre.

Be Gentle

The first kiss must be gentle. You don't want to be aggressive and press your lips too hard on her. The key is to meet her lips, and for crying out loud, don't be one of those guys who forces his tongue down a woman's throat. A French kiss on your first attempt will make you seem over-eager and slimy. Women remember the first kiss and making it as gentle, sensual, and romantic as possible will make the kiss memorable.

After meeting her lips for a few seconds, pull away and look into her eyes some more. Notice if she is enjoying the kiss and if she doesn't move in herself within a couple of seconds (which happens most of the time), kiss her again. This time a little longer while remaining gentle and sensual.

Enjoy Her Lips And The Kiss

Give the woman you are kissing the impression that just kissing her is enjoyable enough. Don't start petting her inner thigh or her breasts during the first few kisses or she'll think you're just trying to get laid. Take time to enjoy the kiss and don't rush. Gently rub your lips against hers as though you are enjoying every last contour. Don't just lock your lips, you want to feel every bit of her lips. Move from upper lip to lower lip and vice versa. Do whatever you can that says: "I don't want to miss even a millimetre of your lips."

Relax And Breathe

Relax and make sure you are breathing. Breathing, though second nature, is very easily forgotten in many activities. Not that you'll end up suffocating if you're into a kiss too much, but it is very common for people to lose their breath while kissing and making silly sounds when their bodies involuntarily compensate for the lack of oxygen.

Touch Her While Kissing

One of the most effective kissing tips you will ever read has nothing to do with your lips. Touching a woman the right way is kissing advice you must not overlook. Men can be turned on by a simple kiss, but women need a lot more. Using your hands by touching and/or cupping her face will show that you are attracted to her and allow her to feel attractive. Gently touch the outer part of her arms or hold her hands. Run your hands through her hair. Just remember to keep it innocent and not to feel her up.

Don't Just Kiss Her Lips

After kissing her lips and determining that she is enjoying it, move on to other parts of the face. The side of her mouth, cheeks, temple, forehead, and anywhere else on her face . Women want to feel beautiful and if you gently kiss different parts of her face, she will feel as though you cannot get enough of her entire face. Don't overdo it though - you are not a dog.

Say Sweet Nothings

You can say sweet things to a woman before, during, and after a kiss. Tell her that you've had a crush on her for a while and were looking forward to kissing her. Comment on the softness of her lips and how pleasant she smells. Make her feel as though she is the most attractive woman you've ever kissed and I promise you she will open up even more and be comfortable in progressing into French kissing or even sex. Learning how to French kiss deserves its own kissing advice article so I won't get into it here. Just know that comfort level is important in getting the most out of a kissing session.

The kissing tips I've outlined above work brilliantly. I give kissing advice to a lot of men and never have any of them been disappointed. I know that these tips on how to kiss girls will help and hope that you enjoy ever last minute while your lips are touching hers.

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Moving in for the kiss.......Part 1

 Moving in for the kiss.......Part 1

Learning kissing tips is something everyone should do. The first kiss is what most women look at when trying to determine whether or not you are a good lover. If you cannot kiss, chances are you are lousy in bed, and this is unacceptable to women.

 I have a lot of female friends and let me tell you, whenever they first kiss man the first thing they do is tell everyone they know how it was. One of the first questions asked to a woman after a date (sometimes the first question) is: "So, did you kiss?" If the answer is yes, it is almost always followed by "What it good?"

You may have taken my advice on how to attract, approach, and then seduce women, but unless you fully understand my kissing advice , you will have a hard time keeping any woman. That is if you don't know how to kiss already, of course. Knowing how most men think I am assuming that you believe you already know how to kiss girls properly. From what I've heard through my female friends, however, chances are you do not know everything.

Everything you do when kissing a girl, especially for the first time, will have her re-evaluating any pre-judgments she may have had about you. You could give the first impression that you are confident, sensual, and smart, but if you give her a bad kissing experience she will immediately associate a new set of beliefs to you.

Women want to be with a man who can make them feel as though they are the sexiest woman alive, and this cannot be accomplished if you cannot kiss. She will also think you don't give a damn because excellent kissing advice is everywhere and finding effective kissing tips is very easily found - if you look for it.

Learning how to kiss girls goes far deeper than applying a bunch of kissing tips on her, though. In order to blow any woman away with your lips you have got to know when and how to execute those kissing tips . The mood and timing play a major factor and if not carefully executed it won't matter whether you are a kissing master because she cannot fully enjoy it!

Men are so much different than women and when it comes to kissing, they are TOTALLY different. A man will enjoy any kiss a woman he is interested gives him, even if it's a bad kiss. I have slept with many girls who couldn't kiss worth a damn because we men are animals. Plus, most men, along with myself, believe they can turn almost any woman into the kisser or lover they desire.

Women, on the other hand, are far more picky. If they are not impressed or are repulsed by the way a man kisses her for the first time, chances are she will never get into a sexual relationship with them. Women want a man who knows what he's doing and believe they should never have to teach him about kissing. After all, in a woman's mind a bad kisser is a man who's not sensual - and sensuality, to a woman, cannot be taught.

Knowing what to do before the first kiss, or any kiss for that matter, can make even a bad kiss seem pleasurable. That said, a kiss is not just a physical action, it is an experience. An experience that depends on the process and procedures prior to the physical act.

Building Anticipation

One of my favourite kissing tips I have used over the years is building anticipation. If you are receiving positive signals from a girl and are almost 100% sure she would like you to kiss her, hold off. Anticipation will build tension and making her wait for that first kiss will get her hot juices flowing. Everything good in life is worth waiting for, and a first kiss is no exception.

There are so many things a man has to do before going in for a kiss and this article will give you some very valuable kissing advice that will blow her socks off. The art of kissing, especially when kissing a woman, has been studied and researched so much that we have a very good understanding of what separates a good kiss from a bad kiss.

Be Kissable

A man has got to be kissable if he wants any woman to crave his lips against hers. The appearance of your lips is crucial. Make sure they are moist, soft, silky, and smooth. Do you know how many men I have seen out on a date with dry, chapped, and cracked lips? What the hell are they thinking? I don't care how attractive you are, if you're lips are disgusting no woman will want to kiss you. So use lip balm before you go out with a woman. Lip balm works wonders and I cannot recommend its use enough. You can limit its use only for dates and while meeting women, but if you don't mind building somewhat of a dependence on the stuff, use it all the time!

Prevent Or Mask Bad Breath

So you've got nice lips already, do you? Okay, there are some of us who do, but there is something else you should always ask yourself: "How does my breath smell?" People with bad breath rarely know that they have it, so even if you brush your teeth a thousand times a day you should always bring breath mints when you are with a woman you want to kiss. Brushing your teeth does not eliminate halitosis (bad breath) because teeth are not the culprit that cause bad breath.

Bad breath can be caused by anything from your diet to genetics, and the easiest and most effective way to defeat it is by using breath mints. Also, drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated will prevent your mouth from getting dry, and a dry mouth smells a lot worse than a moist one. This kissing advice must be followed always because you could be doing everything else right, but if your breath smells, sayonara. You fail. Women are very sensitive to smells and bad breath will have them turning away and running out the door faster than a bad out of hell.

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How to be a good wingman?

How to be a good wingman?

Becoming a legendary Wingman isn't something that happens overnight. It takes practice and perseverance. And since practice doesn't take place sitting in front of your computer screen, let's get to work.Below is a list of tips that should help you out in your quest to be a better Wingman. The list is based on tips by various pickup artists and all around bad ass and smooth guys. Some of these include hilarious internet sensation Tucker Max, Pickup artist Rob Gray and various other tips from around the internet. Of course I've also thrown in some of what I found to work well.

The Goal - This is your mission objective. It is what you are going for and what you want to achieve at all costs. The plan may vary depending on how it's going, but the goal remains constant. Of course the goal is to score a girl for your Pointman. Keep this in the back of your mind. Achieving the goal or striking out is what determines if you're a legend or a loser. It's all about results.

Clean Up - As a Wingman, it's your duty to assist your Pointman in achieving the goal, therefore; it is your duty to make the Pointman look good. This can mean any number of things from making sure he hasn't slopped food down his shirt to digging him out if he says the wrong thing. Accidents do happen - your job is damage control.

Interference Prevention - At some point, you may encounter another guy who is also gunning for your Pointman's target. He is the enemy. It's important that while making the Pointman look good, you make the enemy look ridiculous. You just need to do it in a way that makes him look like a joke, but isn't too malicious. If he's spouting off cliché pickup lines and covered head to toe in Tapout gear, you shouldn't have much problem.

No Fear - At times there may be potential for embarrassment. In the process of making your Pointman look good, you may make yourself look bad. Don't worry about it. This isn't about you. Any action you get at the end of the night is just gravy. Girls are very aware of the Pointman - Wingman strategy and if you get called on it, you may look foolish... Oh well.

The Friend - Girls don't go out alone. They will take with them at least one friend. The Friend's duty is to ruin the Pointman any chance she gets. Because of this, your job is to distract her. Make her more interested in you than she is in destroying The Pointman's chances. In doing this, you stop a potential block. The Friend can also provide valuable information on The Target. This information can be of great importance to The Pointman. Just remember that too much asking about The Target can remind The Friend of her duties. Moderation is key.

Communication - You should be able to read every single signal your Pointman puts out. This is why it's extremely important for you and your Pointman to know each other well. It's extremely difficult to meet some guy and just become his Wingman. Everyone has different body language and you should know each other's. Pay attention to what is going on.

Jumping the Grenade - As if you didn't think this one would make the list. Jumping the Grenade is the ultimate sacrifice. It's what separates real men from the little boys. It's not always easy, but often necessary. You may luck out and The Friend might not be all that bad, but regardless; you're committed. Suck it up and just go for it. If nothing else, it'll make a good story and secure your position as a true Wingman.
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How to sleep with multiple women in numerous cities!

How to sleep with multiple women in numerous cities!

So, you want to be a baller, huh? Confidently laying back into your brown leather chair, the jacket of your Armani three-piece slung over the arm, resting under your elbow, which is seemingly inseparably attached to your vodka martini (shaken, not stirred, of course). Maybe you've got a "Romeo y Julieta" throwing streaks of Cuban smoke out in the other hand while you smirk at the giggling cocktail waitress with a foggy-eyed James Bond smirk. If there's anyone that can understand that confidence and atmosphere, it is definitely me.

Part of my job has me jetting back and forth between cities and continents. I've fallen into love with countries and into love with several women. The constant pace has resulted in something interesting that I never thought would happen to me. I have a girl I can call on in almost every major city in the US and a few across the world. The list isn't endless, but it's pretty damn long.
I really care about these girls.

These women make my life better and add to it every single day, even if I can't see them as often as we'd both like. They are all gorgeous, intelligent and wonderful women that know that I'm a busy man and that I travel around a lot. They know we're not dating exclusively and don't demand anything other than my attention when I can give them time and, even though spirits are low when we have to part, we both look forward to the passionate reunion that will happen in the future.
There's nothing quite like sex with someone you've been talking dirty to over the phone for three months and if there is, email me the link because I want to buy 100 of them.

"How do you do this, Asian Playboy?" You ask. Well, it's tricky, but allow me to explain.
The trouble a lot of guys run into on their quest to be either the world's best PUA, a confident lover, or just someone that isn't afraid to talk to women at the bar, comes from what they do after seducing a woman. Now, personally, I don't like the word 'seduce' because it implies deception and we're not trying to trick women into sleeping with us, we're trying to build strong, passionate relationships and, therefore, the game doesn't stop once you've basted her babymaker.

Sure, we all have those moments when we're horny in a club and we just really want to try that fox in the little red number on for size and now we have the skills to do it, but the spice of pickup comes from those women that set fire to our very soul and that we (maybe in a different time) wouldn't mind settling down with.

Unfortunately, sometimes these women are destined to be a far off paradise and, once we leave Florida or Seattle or Boston or New York, it won't be months until we're back. In the past, we've resigned these women to the abyss, which we throw our regrets and missed opportunities into, hoping they'll come out the other side to join us once again, but now we take our fate and our sexual future into our own hands by completing some of the easiest, yet most important steps we can take in order to secure that these women will keep you tucked in the little category that all women have hidden, no matter how delicate or prudish they seem to be.

I like to call this category "No matter what's going on in my life, I'll be sleeping with him when he comes back."

Step 1: Call her when you leave.
Whether you've slept with her the night before (we call know to call women the next day to tell them we had a great time with them the night before, right?) or you haven't seen her in three days, call the girl from the airport. This is the time to be romantic. Wax poetic on how interesting she is and how great it is that you two met and have grown close and how she will be the reason you return. Then drop these five little words that will forever cement in her mind how amazing you... "I'm glad I found you." You wouldn't think so, but these five little words can melt a woman's heart when she's bidding adieu to her lover.

Step 2: Text her when you get in.
A simple "Landed safe. It's cold here without you!" or "Just arrived. Would prefer it is I was just leaving" will spike that romance once again, and give her the pang of reality now that you're actually far away. It also opens the door to her to continue to chat with you via text. Now, if you're in a different country, you obviously can't text, so just shoot her a little email when take off your traveling shoes and settle into the home office. Nothing dramatic, but again, keeping the door open for further interaction requires so little effort and energy on your part.

Step 3: Call her AT LEAST once a week for the next month.
This is good to maintain a regular presence and keep the romance alive. After the first month, you can text/talk to her less frequently, but more than a two-week gap will create distance that takes time to make up. For cross-country romances, I recommend an email letter at least once per week and one arranged phone call once a month. You can make it seem like some sort of illicit rendezvous, a promise that she simply can't broke, or any other kind of future projection.

Step 4: Be romantic AND sexual in EVERY call.
In articles, I will discuss the aspects of talking dirty to women over the phone, text, and email more in depth. This not only turns them on (obviously) but it builds a bond and keeps their fire burning for you.You want them on the brink of climax at the very thought of you ALL the time. Above all, be interested in these women. Let them affect you and climb into your daily thoughts and tell them when they do. It will make them feel good and think fondly of you. Avoid telling them about other girls and fantasize about being together.

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